The World Wide What?

Have you ever imagined the world without the internet? How would you do homework without Wikipedia? Or commute without CandyCrush? Or even watch this film without YouTube?

The parallel universe of ‘World Wide What?’ shows us what life would be like for the greatest tech entrepreneurs if Sir Tim Berners Lee had never invented the World Wide Web.

The film, narrated by Stephen Fry, celebrates 10 years of Founders Forum and aims to raise awareness for The Web Foundation.

CAST – In Order of Appearance:

Sir Tim Berners-Lee (World Wide Web)
Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post)
Sean Parker (Napster/Facebook)
Steve Case (AOL)
Danny Rimer (Index Ventures)
Max Levchin (PayPal)
Michael Birch (Bebo)
Niklas Zennstrom (Skype)
Brent Hoberman (
Baroness Martha Lane-Fox (
Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn)
Michael Acton Smith (Moshi Monsters)
Martin Varsavsky (Fon)
Jonnie Goodwin (Lepe Partners)
Riccardo Zacconi (King/Candy Crush)
Michael Bloomberg (Bloomberg Media)
Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia)
Kathryn Parsons (Decoded)
Stephen Fry

For more information about Founders Forum please visit
For more information about The Web Foundation please visit

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